native ux/ui & branding, fall 2017

As a mobile design co-op for TripAdvisor, I rebranded SeatGuru, which allows users to check their status and a map of their plane before their flight. 

I created a brand system through typography, color, information design, and illustration that spanned several platforms, including the SeatGuru mobile app, mobile web, and responsive blog. 


native ux

Much of the "Seats" tab was designed before I started, but I tested and refined the UX with users before the tab was pushed to production. I tackled problems such as quickly searching for an airline among hundreds, and determining whether to add results with layovers when users search by route. 

As the primary designer focused on the project, I created concepts for all other tabs. I proposed that users could read reviews as well as writing them, and explored information relevant to flight status once a user has searched for their plane. 


mobile seatmap redesign

When user testing, we learned that the existing product seatmaps had tiny tap targets, and text was not legible at such small sizes. To solve this, I designed a vector seatmap style to reskin the maps. 

My proposed design leaves only 20px left and right margins, ensuring that the user has larger text and tap targets. I created templates for different types of seats, in addition to plane infrastructure and amenity icons. Instead of relying on an overly complex key, I moved amenity information to the next screen, and introduced a walkthrough to onboard both new and loyal customers. 


responsive blog

I redesigned part of the SeatGuru site: Travel News. The site was not previously responsive, so I created a flexible design system that could be expanded to other verticals in the future. Every instance of interaction was thought about, from dropdown menus to the error and confirmation states of the newsletter module.