illustration, typography, & branding, 2016+


in progress: venice identity system

This semester I am taking Graphic Design Synthesis under the direction of Doug Scott. Challenged to make a comprehensive design system for a UNESCO world heritage site, I am currently creating and refining collateral to depict the city of Venice, Italy. 

My logo draws inspiration from the striped poles in Venetian canals, but I grew attached to other directions as well. To complement the brand, I created two repeating patterns from earlier logo directions: patterned v's in a water-like form, and organic canals. 

I paired my patterns with my own photography for an ad campaign. All work on this project is in process and may evolve throughout the semester.


chicago poster

To visualize the musical Chicago during a graphic design course, I sought to break away from the film imagery and existing marketing. My early concept sketches explored the concept of fame and the paparazzi, integral players in the story.


When sketching digitally, I decided to include main character Roxie. While my blue draft mimicked the magnesium flashes of early twentieth century flashes, I returned to a gold silhouette for my final piece.


Mod & Didot Book

For a Typography II final project, I curated images and text about two topics: the Didot typeface and mod fashion of the mid-20th century. The resulting 55-page book, created in Adobe InDesign, includes a strict grid system. I chose two contrasting typefaces, Didot and Monotype Grotesque, to emphasize the dichotomy between the two subjects of the book.


For additional print work, check out my art direction for Tastemakers magazine and illustrated infographics