product/ux & branding, spring 2017

Over the course of a semester, I worked with three designers and seven entrepreneurial students to create nocturn, a luxury lifestyle product, from inception to full branding. 

Paired with our "client" - seven students in an entrepreneurial course - my design team set out to create a branded identity for the product that our clients would develop over the coming months. Instead, we helped guide our client to create a niche product, while also designing an identity, packaging, campaign, and tie-in app. 


defining the product

Our client initially pitched a multi-device charger with a physical timer to prevent overcharging. We explored names and use cases, seeking to position the product as an overnight charger that users could charge several devices with while they slept.

I proposed the name nocturn, a double entendre to match our overnight use case and the product's physical timer. We settled on a logo of an eyelid that resembled the product's timer, and began creating a campaign. 


the pivot

Our client had reservations about the product, which would be entering a crowded market space. Our design team took a risk and proposed a revised product, which the client adopted. 

We wanted users to unplug from their devices and disconnect from technology, but the charger didn't do so. Inspired by the phases of the moon, I began to sketch a way to lull users to sleep: a gradually dimming nightlight that users could tailor to their optimal sleep schedule. I drafted copy with another designer to pitch our idea:

Our client took a leap of faith with us, halfway towards the deadline! I helped the product engineers refine the ux and functionality of the device during weekly whiteboarding sessions. Eventually our client decided to target a more upscale market, leading to the final luxury product. 


app ui/ux

As we finalized the product, I designed its partner app. Users can program their nightly routine - complete with soothing sounds - from their phone once, ensuring that nocturn helps them drift off to sleep easily. I chose pale gradient colors and light typography to establish a luxurious, dreamlike experience. 


a fully branded identity

With a new use case and target audience, we revisiting branding, but decided to keep the eyelid logo. Inspired by sleep waves and a pale, relaxed color palette, my fellow designers worked on packaging and a marketing campaign. 

Tremendous thanks to my fellow designers: Claire Dufournier, Isa Mendez, + Megan Hill.