responsive ui/ux & branding, spring 2017

On a team of five Scout designers + developers, I designed and tested a web app for student startup Agentless. 


Agentless sought to enable users to purchase homes online. Once users have a property in mind, Agentless handles everything from scheduling property showings to closing the deal, walking new buyers through the process step by step. 



We worked with our client to finalize colors and typography that could support both an informational web application and an eye-catching marketing site. 


We brainstormed and refined potential logos over a 2-month period. Searching for a new take on the home motif, we drew inspiration from dog-eared pages of documents.


ux design + user testing

While working on the logo, we also began wireframes for every screen. Using Invision, we tested our prototype and learned that target users (first-time homebuyers) needed guidance to understand each step of the process.

We revised our wireframes by proposing an interactive progress bar that detailed every step and individual task. We worked with the client to finalize logical steps and write copy to guide the users. 


ui design

After exploring fonts and color palettes, I introduced UI options that matched the brand personality - approachable yet intelligent. The web application uses clean, light colors with pops of blue and salmon, while the marketing site embraces punchy illustrations and hero patterns to entice prospective users.


To summarize the semester's worth of design decisions, my design team created brand guidelines for future use.